Community Resource Connections
Community Resource Connections


Zoom Education About Medicare

Thursday, March 16 @ 7:00 PM.

Zoom Link: https:/us02web.zoom,us/j/851248352


  • Your Current Medical/Health Coverage
  • New Benefits Available for 2023
  • Medicare/Medicaid/Low Income Subsidy
  • Medicare Suppliment Insurance
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental, Vision, or Hearing Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Maximize your Medicare/Medicaid Benefits
  • Upgrade Your Existing Plan


Service Dogs

Ray Zelenski is spending his retirement doing worthwhile things. Besides working as a website designer, he has also been training service dogs for the past several years. It is a long process in which, rather than using fear as a training tool, he stresses strengthening the dog's natural positive traits. During this time, he and the dog spend most of their days constantly together, engaged in intensive training. This approach means that his dogs are calmer, better acclimated to strangers, and less high strung than others. His method takes time, around 18 months, from when he gets the dog until it is ready to go to the home of a deserving person. He stresses that before someone feels that they will need a service dog. they will have to account for an 18 month lead time, besides the time necessary to qualify for an animal. Also, the dog will come with a price tag of around 25,000 dollars, which covers the cost of the animal, vetrinary visits, and the time and effort to train the dog. This is a lot of money, and sometimes, Ray is flexible enough to accept trades or services for payments, such as painting his house, car repairs, or other creative financing solutions.  


My name is Daisy.



I'm in training to complete

the required ADA certification 

of state and local

accessibility requirements.




Rock Harbor Sponsors Ukrainian Relief

Look for the container in the rear of the church. Fill a box with canned goods and whatever dry goods you think people might need.

Contact Jeremiah Blackwell

805-264-7184 Web:

and Bobby Chapa 805-806-5558 Web:

Free Food in Community Refrigerators

There is a program in the LA area that provides free access to food in colorful refrigerators! there is a map and website available at:


California is Creating 11,000 new jobs

Recently, Governor Newsom announced a new program, "Clean Up California", that is targeted at cleaning up litter, homeless encampments, creek beds, and other eyesores in the state. He authorized the creation of 11,000 new jobs to address these issues that can provide stable careers for the under employed, homeless people and formerly incarcerated individuals. The program will be administered by state, county, and city organizations, as well as nonprofits. More information will be provided as soon as it is available.



PO  Box 62211, Los Osos, Ca. 93412  1-(805) 528-2626

Office Hours: During the Covid 19 crisis, - Wednesday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM.or call for an appt. Located inside the South Bay Community Center -  2180 Pallisades Ave. Los Osos. CA. 93402

Upcoming People Helping People Activities

 Monster Rummage Sale coming soon at the South Bay Community Center when COVID19 restrictions are lifted

Other On-Going Activities at the South Bay Community Center

  • Mon -Fri  Meals that Connect - Daily meal deliveries for seniors - (805)528-6923
  • Every Wednesday - PHP and Food Bank - Distribution of donated food for those in need. Food distribution begins at 9:30 AM.
  • PHP has not missed a Wednesday, even when it's a holiday, since the 1970s!
  • Every Thursday - Free Take-Out Community Dinner                                                     South Bay Community Center  - 4:30 - 5:30 PM.  PHP hosts every 2nd Thursday

PHP Membership Dues

Annual dues remain $10 per person and $15 per couple

Your dues and donations are invested in acquiring lendable medical equipment, office rent, food distribution and collection activities, insurance, food purchases, and other community endeavors to help those less fortunate.

We are all volunteers, no one recieves a salary. Our annual operatimng budget has stayed around $12,000 for years and is totally funded by dues, donations, one small county grant for medical equuipment, and our fundraisers.

PHP's support of other communiity causes is possisble solely due to generous donations and frugal spending. If you have already renewed for 2021, thank you!

Did you know that you can give a gift membership to a relative or friend? Certificates are at the PHP office.


Get  Cal Fresh, Quick and Simple

You can apply in as little as 10 minutes! Go to to fill out an application., or call 1-877-847-3663 to get connected to your local county  office.


Other Assistance Available

For a complete list of Food Distribution Locations, Food Pantries, and Meal Sites near you, visit the Food Bank's Online Food Locator:


For a list of additional local resources and up-to-date information, please

City of Morro Bay Posts New Website for Coronavirus Information.

The City of Morro Bay just posted a new website: 

The website provides current information about the coronavirus pandemic.

It has many helpful links to services and organizations. 


Past CCN Network Event at Morro Bay Vets Hall Next event to be announced.

San Luis Obispo County

Commission on Aging


A Clear Vision for the Future of Seniors

  • ​Senior Outreach - Communicating information to the Senior population; and providing tech support for computers and cell phones.
  • Transportation - Education on how to use shuttles and busses; and transportation for out of county medical appointments.
  • Financial SupportIdentity theft and scam updates and info; assistance / advocacy for budgeting, banking,auto pay,benefits (Medicare, SSI, Vets, etc...)
  • Home Support and Maintenance - Disaster preparadness (education and preparation); and installation of safety features (home security lights, alarms, ramps, grab bars...)
  • Medical Support - Advocacy at doctors' offices and emergency, and Rx (prescriiption) education, mamagement, lethal / dangeroous interactions, overdoses. 

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend our monthly commission meetings the 3rd Friday of the month 10:00 a.m. at the SLO Vet's Hall. For more info please visit:

Senior Home Repair

Free Minor Home Repairs

for senior citizens - 60 and older

Repairs Offered

  • Grab Bars
  • Handrails
  • Smoke Alarms & CO Detectors
  • Handheld Shower Heads
  • Minor Plumbing, Carpentry,
  • Electrical & Drywall

Available in San Luis Obispo County, Santa Maria, Orcutt, and Guadaloupe.

All labor is free of charge and some material costs can be covered. Donations are gratefully accepted.

1-800-495-0501 EXT 10

Community Action Partnership of 

San Luis Obispo County, Inc.

Energy Services

San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93401


Estero Bay Kindness Coalition

Bobby Delancellotti and his wife founded the Estero Bay Kindness Coalition, now a 501C3, as a means to help address the issue of low income school children not having food to eat during the weekends. The "Got Your Back" program of the  organization has purchased backpacks that are distributed to local at-need school children to take home each weekend and return on Mondays. Each backpack contains 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners, along with healthy snacks and juice or milk to help bridge the gap over the weekend.

***Starting the 2018 school year, the organization has now been asked to expand service. 

***Estero Bay Kindness Coalition is looking to partner with for-profiits, non-profits, churches, and organizations to help serve those on the margins in the Estero Bay area.


For information or donations of food or funds, please call 805-305-5671


Bobby DeLancelotti and Denise Stewart

Los Osos Community Dinner!


It's Free!


It's Delicious!


It's every Wednesday, 5 - 6 pm. at South Bay Community Center, 2180 Palisades, Los Osos.

All are welcome! 

Dinners are provided by a number of local community restaurants and organizations including:

St. Benedicts Church, Maharlica Christian Fellowship,4-H,PeopleHelping People, Rotary,Jesus Christ Church of the Latter Day Saints, and Trinity United Methodist Church

Check it out!




Morro Bay Community Dinner and Food Bank


Every Monday night, 4:30-6pm

Veteran's hall, 209 Surf St., Morro Bay


Rent Gouging Prohibited by California State of Emergency

Because of the high risk of wildfires, Governor Newson declared a State of Emergency on March 22, which appears to trigger California Penal Code 396 prohibiting price gouging, (an increase over 10%) for necessary goods and services. 


For tenants in CA facing high rent increases, this would mean that any increase over 10% is prohibited. 

There is a narrow exception for price increases over 10% if the landlord proves that the price increase is directly related to cost increases.


Tenants who face rent increasess over 10% in areas where the State of Emergency has been declared should seek help immediately. Resoources include local legal aid offices and local district attorneys. Price gouging tenants is not just a civil violation, but a criminal misdemeanor under the law.

Vending Machines for the Homeless

Action Hunger in Nottingham, Lincolnshire, UK is installing vending machines that can provide socks,gloves, water, food, blankets, and other itams to homeless people. The machines use special cards issued by Action Hunger. Clients can access the machines three times in each 24 hour period.

Action Hunger Trustees

Instant Gift Giving With Amazon Prime

Rob Bliss came up with a great idea to do a little good, using Amazon Prime's almost instant (around 2 hours) delivery system during the holidays last year in New York. He went around and asked homeless people what they needed, ordered the items on his smart phone, and had the items delivered to the homeless people wherever they were. Thanks Facebook and Amazon Prime.

Wheels for Change 16 Year Old Boy is Creating Jobs for the Homeless in San Diego.


Inspired by Ted Talks, Kevin Barber of San Diego has started a pilot program to provide jobs for San Diego's Homeless. With financial help from his mother, an emergency room doctor who interacts with homeless daily and who initially funded the program, the two purchased a van and hire homeless people to clean up the community. They are paid $13.00/hour in cash at the end of each shift. There is now a waiting list of 150 people who want to participate. (Thanks Facebook)

NOTE: During the pandemic, due to County regulations, WOC is operating differently. The good news is our workers are working and they're working hard! 15 WOC workers work during the daytime and 5 work at nighttime at the San Diego Convention Center, where 600-750 homeless individuals have been housed, temporarily. They clean EVERYTHING. They clean all the bathrooms, sinks, tables, wipe down chairs, the administrative area, etc. They also clean outside, empty trash cans, clean the underground parking structure of debris, and clean our downtown streets--It's a big job! And the City and Convention Center love having our workers. 

Support Us

Get Social with Us

We are an all-volunteer organization and welcome any kind of support. If you would like to help out, please contact us for a list of our most needed items or volunteer opportunities.


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