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Estero Bay Kindness Coalition

Earlier this year, Bobby Delancellotti and his wife founded the Estero Bay Kindness Coalition (which is working towards 501C3 status) as a means to help address the issue of low income school children not having food to eat during the weekends. The "Got Your Back" program of the  organization has purchased at least 40  backpacks that are distributed to local at-need school children to take home each weekend and return on Mondays. Each backpack contains 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners, along with healthy snacks and juice or milk to help bridge the gap over the weekend.

Sharon O'Brien is the liasion between the Kindness Coalition and the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce.


***Starting the 2018 school year, the organization has now been asked to expand service to 5 schools.

***The Lions Foundation just offered to donate 40 more backpacks to the organization.  

***Estero Bay Kindness Coalition is looking to partner with for-profiits, non-profits, churches, and organizations to help serve those on the margins in the Estero Bay area.


For information or donations of food or funds, please call 805-305-5671




Los Osos Community Dinner!


It's Free!


It's Delicious!


It's every first, second, and 3rd Monday evening of each month, starting May 1, 2007, from 5 - 6:30 PM at Trinity Methodist Chuch, 490 Los Osos Valley Road, Los Osos. (805-528-1649)


Check it out!




Showers of Hope


With over 1,000 showers now given, surpassing our previous record, Hope Village Mobile Shower Program will be going dark for the summer and will resume in the fall. So many people are currently on holiday or out of town.

For information, call: 805-234-5478


9/24/2018 Good News About Homeless Laws!!! This week, the Ninth Circuit of the Federal Appeals Court (which covers California) ruled that prosecuting homeless people who sleep on the streets or public areas where there is no shelter available is a form of cruel and unusual punishment, and violates the constitution. It added that "a municipality cannot criminalize such behavior consistent with the Eighth Amendment when no sleeping space is practically available in any shelter."  

Hunger Awareness Day - June 1, 2018 at  Morro Bay City Park, was a very successful fund raising event sponsored by SLO Foodbank Coalition and supported by the City of Morro Bay.***Morro Bay raised $1422.00  Thank you Morro Bay residents!!!***



Mobile Assistance Serving Homeless


An Annual Event - Morro Bay Veteran's Hall, 209 Surf Street , Morro Bay

Transportation Available from Ride-On.


Even in the rain, this years successful event provided Free Lunch, Haircuts, Free Phones and Service, Wellness Counseling, CHC Health Checks and Flu Shots, Animals in Need Services (Dog Food, Grooming Aids, Leashes, Collars),  Vision Exams, Free Clothing, Socks and Shoes, DMV for IDs and Driver's Licenses, Access to Social Services, Mental Health Info, Employment Services, Community Resource Information, and More!

Vending Machines for the Homeless

Action Hunger in Nottingham, Lincolnshire, UK is installing vending machines that can provide socks,gloves, water, food, blankets, and other itams to homeless people. The machines use special cards issued by Action Hunger. Clients can access the machines three times in each 24 hour period.

Action Hunger Trustees

Instant Gift Giving With Amazon Prime

Rob Bliss came up with a great idea to do a little good, using Amazon Prime's almost instant (around 2 hours) delivery system during the holidays last year in New York. He went around and asked homeless people what they needed, ordered the items on his smart phone, and had the items delivered to the homeless people wherever they were. Thanks Facebook and Amazon Prime.

Wheels for Change 16 Year Old Boy is Creating Jobs for the Homeless in San Diego.


Inspired by Ted Talks, Kevin Barber of San Diego has started a pilot program to provide jobs for San Diego's Homeless. With financial help from his mother, an emergency room doctor who interacts with homeless daily and who initially funded the program, the two purchased a van and hire homeless people to clean up the city streets. The program called Wheels for Change, pays participants $11.50/hour in cash at the end of each shift. There is now a waiting list of 150 people who want to participate. (Thanks Facebook)

Rally to Reunite Families and Immigration - June 30, 2018 Government Center, SLO

**Reunite Families poster was painted by SLO artist LindaTrot** 

SLO  PROGRESSIVES sponsors KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) , a national non-profit that will "Lawyer up" children who come to the California borderasking for assylum. All donations go directly to:

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We are an all-volunteer organization and welcome any kind of support. If you would like to help out, please contact us for a list of our most needed items or volunteer opportunities.


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