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Facing Up

This page attempts to put a face to poverty and deal with stigmas associated with being in need.



plural noun: stigmas

  1. a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.

"the stigma of having gone to prison will always be with me"


Stigmas occur when a segment of society or an individual person's circumstances do not meet up with  aspects or expectations of certain other segments of society and can lead to discrimination. Perceived stigmas lead people to feelings of disgrace, shame, and humiliation. With proper education, poverty, among other conditions, will no longer be stigmatized.


The homeless are especially stigmatized, even in the use of the word "homeless". We have to understand that not having a physical address does not make people less-than. Although there are a myriad reasons for homelessness and many homeless people are trying to secure homes, there are some people who actually prefer a lifestyle that is less traditional, with fewer responsibilities, restrictions and rules.


Other stigmas apply to people affected by different types of poverty. They may be on the edge of homelessnes because of their circumstances.


A less recognized type of poverty is prevalent among low income and under-served seniors who are attempting to make ends meet using only Social Security or disability. Because of advanced age or failing health, or both, these people cannot work. High rent can leave very little money left for utilities, food, medicines, and basic needs, and almost nothing in the bank to deal with unforseen emergencies. We see many of these people at local food banks attempting to add to their food stores.


Single parents are also disproportionately affected by the local economy, and if they are able to work,  make almost enough money to barely get by. Many with lower skill levels have three jobs, devoting one meager paycheck to child care, one paycheck to rent, and one paycheck to food and necessities.

During this coronavirus pandemic, many people have been affected in their jobs, housing, food supplies, mental health, and other issues. Please call the Community Resources Connections office (805) 225-1991 for updated information concerning new and current programs providing assistance in these areas. 

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