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Car Give Aways

Approximately four times each year, Bill Todd and his son Mike of Todd's Automotive in Morro Bay have been donating a refurbished car to deserving people. These people are selected by lottery. The Lions Founaton, of which Bill is a member, has recently achieved a 501(c)3 non-profit tax status. Now, a car can be donated to the Lion's Club, a fair market evaluation of the car can be deducted from the donor's taxes, (a write-off that has not been possible in the past), and the Lion's Club can then donate the car to Bill's Give Away program. To donate a vehicle, please call Sharon O'Leary at 805-225-1991.

Morro Bay Lions
Car Give Away Program

The Morro Bay Lions Car Give Away program is made

possible by a coalition of the Morro Bay Community
Resource Connections Office, headed by Sharon O’Leary, the
Morro Bay Lions Foundation, Todd’s Garage, operated by
Bill and Mike Todd, and folks like you who donate
unneeded cars to our Lions Foundation.
The Morro Bay Lions Foundations receives donated cars
and covers the expenses of repairing them for donation or
sale. Todd’s Garage inspects and repairs the cars as
needed prior to give away or sale.
The applicant's names are placed in a box and
the recipient is selected by lottery. Usually the name is
drawn from the box at a meeting of the Estero Bay
Alliance for Care by a City Council member.
You can help support this program by donating an
unneeded car to the foundation. The Foundation is a 501
C3 non-profit charitable corporation and can provide a
receipt for the Blue Book value of the car in keeping with
IRS guidelines.
Our Coalition... is very pleased that we can help those in
need of transportation. We are trying to give recipients a
new start and change lives... one car at a time. Congratulations Scott Thomas!

Congratulations!  21st Car Give Away

Support Us

We are an all-volunteer organization and welcome any kind of support. If you would like to help out, please contact us for a list of our most needed items or volunteer opportunities.


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